Mise en Topshop

I have been admiring Dior’s “Mise en Dior” tribal earrings for months now having seen them on many of my favourite bloggers such as Kristina Bazan of Kayture and Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook. I love that they are double sided and unusually have a larger bead (or pearl) at the back of the ear. As much as I would love to own a pair of the real Dior ones , I feel I cannot justify spending £290 on a pair of earrings. Maybe one day I’ll be able to!

Much to my delight I discovered a very similar pair of pearl earrings in Topshop last week which only set me back £6.50! While they may not exactly be Dior quality, I think they are definitely the next best thing for anyone looking to achieve the same look! Here is a link to the “Mise en Topshop” earrings.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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  8. vu aussi cette belle expo d’Arcimboldo (quelques toiles ont été prêtées par le Louvre) de superbes dessins et une évocation de l’environnement historique de l’artiste… en italien et en anglais, seulement….belle expo aussi au château Sforza sur Michel-Ange: dessins, sculpture et une piéta inachevée, émouvante…

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