Optimistic Outfit

My outfit for the day was possibly a little optimistic – sandals and a vest – these photos very nearly featured an umbrella! The dark clouds passed however and I didn’t feel so unsuitably dressed after all.

I’ve been wearing my Asos jeans quite a bit recently as I love the wash that they are and find that they’re such a good, comfy fit. When I ordered them a few months ago I was unsure of which size to go for but found the Asos “Fit Visualiser” a great help. It asks you to input various measurements from a garment that you already own and fits well – jeans in my case –  and uses them to determine the size of the Asos product which would be most appropriate for you. I found it worked really well and the jeans were a perfect fit! The holes at the knees have increased in size since I first started wearing them but that is pretty unavoidable.

My red, fringed bag was a Zara sale purchase that I’m pleased I made. I’m a big fan of large handbags and I always find a way to fill them – especially while at uni – and love how it adds a pop of colour to any outfit.

The pretty Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh provided the setting for these photos.

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optimistic outfit electricolivia edinburgh princes street gardens

optimistic outfit red handbag lifestyle blogger

optimistic outfit electricolivia nails blogger

optimistic outfit electricolivia princes street gardens

optimistic outfit jeans electricolivia fashion


optimistic outfit edinburgh festival electricolivia jeans


Jeans – Asos

Vest – New Look

Bag – Zara (sale)

Sandals – similar – Office

Watch and bracelet – Asos

Necklace – Miss Selfridge

Ring – Topshop


Incase you missed my last post you can take a look at it here!

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  1. Nice outfit! And I definitely loving your red fringe bag that you’ve paired with it! I’m new to fashion blogging too, and I think I just might follow your blog! (P.S. red is a lucky colour in certain cultures; so how’s that for optimistic? I guess it just fits in with your whole optimistic look perfectly then! 🙂 ) Take Care!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! I’m new to blogging as well. Jeans are my favorite article of clothing right now and I love those. I haven’t had a chance to make it to the Zara sale yet but that bag is adorable. Nice second post!



    • Thanks! It’s nice to get to know others that are just starting out too! I agree, I’ve been loving ripped jeans recently. You should definitely take a look in Zara 🙂 xx

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